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NYU Sterns New Take On Luxury Marketing

NYU Sterns New Take On Luxury Marketing by: Naomi Nishihara on January 06, 2017 | 0 Comments Comments 1,667 Views January 6, 2017Stern undergraduate student Dana Li on the schools Instagram accountWhen Dana Li was young, she wanted to be a fashion designer. Or at least, that’s what she would say when people asked her lifes goal might be. But as she got older, she had new experiences, developed new interests, and ultimately went to NYUs Stern School to study business. Yet, her love for fashion and style persisted, always in the back of her mind.  So when she got involved with the Luxury and Retail Association at Stern, she felt as if she found the perfect way to combine her interests in business with her passion for fashion and the lure of such iconic luxury brands as  Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. The association, a student club, was  founded in 2015 when Li was a freshmen largely due to the interests of students in the business of luxury goods. Being at the epic enter of the fashion business in New York, it was something of a no-brainer to take advantage of Sterns location in the city.   This year the school has introduced a new advisory track in luxury marketing. It isnt an official major or minor, but its a way for students to make sure theyre taking the right classes to prepare themselves for careers in the field. While there are several graduate programs in luxury goods at such schools as HEC Paris and Rutgers Business School, which recently launched an MS in the business of fashion, its rare for an undergraduate school to offer a focus on the subject.PROJECT RUNWAY THE KARDASHIANS: PEOPLE FIND IT SEXY AND EXCITINGâ€Å"This has been generated by demand from our students,† says Jeff Carr, luxury marketing track champion and professor at Stern. â€Å"Look at Project Runway, look at all the reality shows, look at the Kardashians. There are so many things that people find sexy and exciting, and more and more students want to go into the business.† Luxury, Carr says, is a term that has become very broad, and almost meaningless, since so many companies trying to position their products  as luxury brands. But it does make for an interesting business opportunity. â€Å"Everyone wants to be a luxury brand right now. You even see the phrase attached to food,† he says.In the past, luxury had to do with exclusivity, something that not many people could afford, he adds. Increasingly, however, people now see luxury as something they want, but don’t necessarily need.LUXURY RETAIL TAKES THE GUISE OF MARKETINGNYU Stern Marketing Entrepreneurship Professor Jeffrey Carrâ€Å"On the marketing side, luxury has this aspect of fine craftsmanship, says Carr. If you look at luxury brands, they still hand-make individual items, and have been doing this for a long time.  They only sell the best of the best, and I think that’s still how we need to be thinking about luxury. So working in luxury ret ail takes the guise of marketing, whether that’s around branding or communication or social networking.Li, now a junior at Stern, says she attended the Luxury and Retail clubs first event, hoping to get a sense of the industry landscape. The club provides professional development opportunities to students, supplementing their business education with panels, conferences, and talks by industry professionals. â€Å"I thought it was a good opportunity to find a network, and also to find a community I could really be part of here at NYU,† she says. She joined the club board as planning director the following fall semester, and was recently named vice president.â€Å"They give us a first-hand account of what they do on the job, and how their previous experiences led them to their current position,† Li says. â€Å"This past semester we did the business of luxury fashion, business of beauty, and one with male contemporary streetwear, since we think that’s up-and -coming. And we also did one with a jewelry company highlighting the different business functions, so students interested in luxury and retail know there are more options than just fashion and beauty.† Page 1 of 212 »

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Similarities Between The Glass Menagerie And A Dolls House

Realism is â€Å"An attempt to reproduce faithfully the surface appearance of life, especially that of ordinary people in everyday situations† (Kennedy 2081). Realism is shown throughout the two following plays. The Glass Menagerie is a play written by Tennessee Williams, and it was published in the year of 1945. The play being compared is A Doll’s House, written by Henrik Ibsen it was published in the year of 1879. In A Glass Menagerie realism is shown through the fact that Tom’s family is struggling with money. Tom can be seen as the protagonist of the story. Similarly, in A Doll’s House Nora’s family was struggling with money up until this year. Nora can be seen as the protagonist in this story. In A Doll’s House the claims given about†¦show more content†¦Nora and her husband have just found money through her husband’s raise at the bank, but Noar is unhappy with her relationship with Herman. â€Å"I mean that I was just passed from Papa’s hands to yours. You arranged everything according to your own taste, and so I had all the same taste’s† (Isben 1606). Nora is not happy with where she is in the relationship. She is just being led like cattle, but she is now leaving so she will not have to deal with it anymore. â€Å"I’m leaving right now† (Ibsen 1606). There are similarities and differences in these aspects between the two plays. Tom in The Glass Menagerie is also sympathized for, but he is not the center of attention until the end of the play. Laura and Jim are the center of attention. This is until the audience finds out Jim and his girlfriend Betty are â€Å"going to be married the second of June† (Williams 1656). The tone in this play can be seen as gloomy. Not one character in this play has found what they want in life. Tom wants happiness, his mother wants a good man, and Laura wants a husband to love her. Tom in The Glass Menagerie wants to better h is career and life, and Nora in A Doll’s house wants to better herself and pay back the debt she owes to Krogstad. In the end they both achieve their goal.In The Glass Menagerie Tom leaves to find a better life for himself, but he is then left with thinking about his sister and how he did her wrong. â€Å"Oh, Laura, Laura, I tried to leave youShow MoreRelatedEssay Prompts4057 Words   |  17 Pageson the Floss The Awakening Moby-Dick Billy Budd Mrs. Dalloway Bleak House Native Son Bless Me,Ultima One Hundred Years of Solitude Catch-22 Othello Crime and Punishment The Scarlet Letter The Crucible Slaughterhouse-Five A Farewell to Arms Song of Solomon Ghosts The Stone Angel The Great Gatsby The Stranger Heart of Darkness A Tale of Two Cities The House of Mirth Their Eyes Were Watching God Jude the Obscure 2003 (Form A): According

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Comparing Fall of the House of Usher, Young Goodman...

Comparing Fall of the House of Usher, Young Goodman Brown, and Rip Van Winkle In the early eighteen hundreds, literature in the Americas started a revolution of style in upcoming authors. Authors started to look towards nature for symbolism and society as a source of sin. The underlined meaning in most of these stories was meant to leave the reader with a new perspective of their personal lives and society as a whole. Three stories that use this particular technique are Nathaniel Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown, Edgar Allen Poes Fall of the House of Usher, and Washington Irvings Rip Van Winkle. Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a story of a man named Goodman Brown, who is of strong Puritan belief. Goodman Brown†¦show more content†¦The only person that felt any different from that night in the woods was Goodman Brown. As he entered the village he saw Faith gazing anxiously forth any sign of him.. Once she saw him, she burst into such joy at sight of him that she skipped along the street and almost kissed her husband before the whole village. But Goodman Brown looked sternly and sadly into her face, and passed on without a greeting(947). Goodman Brown is then punished the rest of his life, due to his unrealistic belief that everyone is perfect and no one sins. Goodman Brown is very distrustful to everyone in his community and ironically creates his own hell. The Fall of the House of Usher, by Edgar Allen Poe, is about a man named Roderick Usher and the insanity that he experiences after the death of his sister Madeline. The narrator of the story is an old friend of Roderick and visits him in his time of grief and misery. On the night the narrator arrives, Rodericks sister Madeline finally passes away. Roderick is very disturbed by his sisters death. Roderick begins to go insane after the burial of his sister. Stricken with guilt, he starts to believe that she is still alive in her tomb. The narrator tries to calm Roderick by reading him a story entitled Mad Twist. This story is very ironic to the situation that the narrator is resolving. It was, however, the only book immediately at hand: and I indulged a vague hope that the excitement which now

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Obesity The Problem Of Obesity - 1643 Words

Teen Obesity In Chicago Many Latino teens in Chicago suffer from what is called obesity. Throughout the Chicagoland, there are a variety communities that show health factor. In the Pilsen Community, obesity is highly defined in that area which determines the outlook on how Pilsen is in need of help for young teens to stay fit and lower the amount of obese teens that are in the Pilsen community. The problem would much simplier be not enough exercise or unhealthy foods that teens eat. However lack of participation rates due to sportsmanship could be the reason why teen obesity has occurred in the Pilsen community. Obesity is a disease that affects many Americans, including Latino children and adolescents. Obesity is a gateway medical†¦show more content†¦Comparing the Latino groups against white racial groups have brought a different access in health care. Each group plays a role on how they contribute to lives, work, and free time. Latinos have a more faster growing population obviously compared to white. According to the State of Obesity, â€Å"42 percent of Latino adults are obese compared with 32.6 percent of Whites. More than 77 percent of Latino adults are overweight or obese, compared with 67.2 percent of Whites.† Which means that only 10% of Latinos are more obese than Whites. There isn’t much big of a difference comparing this two groups. The stats show that obesity affects a great number of racial people for adults. Taking a look on the youth side. A study from also the state of obesity has been brought up stating that, â€Å"22.4 percent of Latino children ages 2 to 19 are obese, compared with 14.3 percent of White children. More than 38.9 percent of Latino children are overweight or obese, compared with 28.5 percent of White children†. Again the Latino community has shown that they are higher than the Whites in obesity, which is a problem for young children that are turning into teen now leading off into adults having the habit of being obese when much older. As a whole community for the chicago area, childhood itself for Chicago has great percentages for obese children throughout the years as population has increased, the more deaths increase as well due to obesity. However, a study found inShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Obesity And Obesity1505 Words   |  7 Pagesabout Obesity, which has become one of the biggest issues in America. Obesity is the accumulation of unnecessary body fat. It is a lifestyle disease that is spreading fast worldwide. This disease is affecting individuals of all age, ethnicity, and gender. As we all know, America has an extended history of solving complex problems, but it seems like obesity has stuck with the American people. In the essay, called Politicians Want to tax us Thin, written by Kyle Smith, she states, â€Å"We know obesity isRead MoreObesity Is A Problem Of Obesity1836 Words   |  8 Pagesthe state of Arkansas, are obese.(â€Å"Overweight and Obesity Statistics† 1)As more and more states are on the rise with their obesity rates, with no signs of it slowing down. Obesity is quickly becoming a epidemic in the U.S, and the government is not making any moves to try and stop this problem. Due to reviewing many studies focused on the drastic effects of obesity, it is clear that obesity is a problem. But to many obesity is seen as a problem that can be easily fixed, and that it does not affectRead MoreObesity : The Problem Of Obesity896 Words   |  4 PagesObesity the crisis Obesity is a major problem in America. This is a health problem that affects people of all the ages. Although this disease has always existed recently, has increased due by the lack of knowledge of the people. People who have this disease suffer not only of physical problems but psychological as well, such as low self-esteem, depression, and bullying. Other significant elements that contribute to obesity are stress, anxiety, and inactivity. You must be aware that obesity is aRead MoreObesity : The Problem Of Obesity1307 Words   |  6 PagesOver the years, obesity has become the number one preventable cause of death in the Unite States. This leads to the question; who’s to blame? Are the food companies to blame for the price of their fattening food or should we say the people paying to eat at these places daily are at fault for their own health issues? There is many controversies over this topic, but we’re going to discover who is actually the culprit to the lingering questions of the rise in obesity, for both adults and children. EveryoneRead MoreThe Problem Of Obesity And Obesity1163 Words   |  5 PagesOne contemporary problem of health is obesity. Obesity is considered a lifestyle disease since it is not infectious or contagious and because it is chronic. But since it is labeled as a lifestyle disease, many people, both lay people and experts, only look at overweight and obese individual’s lifestyles and criticizes them. But not to look at wider possibilities that could be having a great influence on this epidemic (Warwick-Booth, Cross, and Lowcock, 2012). This can be seen in how people talk aboutRead MoreObesity : The Problem Of Obesity2110 Words   |  9 Pages Obesity in Children by Jackie Vu†¨C02171413 Goldenwest College for Psyc G118: Lifespan Development Dr. Yvonne Valenzuela November 16, 2014 Obesity in Children The problem of obesity in children is a serious issue in the United States and across the world. Results of recent research indicated that approximately one quarter of children ages 2-5 and one third of children of school age are considered to be overweight or obese in the U.S. (Ogden, Carroll, Kit, Flegal, 2014). AccordingRead MoreObesity : The Problem With Obesity Essay2201 Words   |  9 PagesMany Americans today face the problem with obesity. This happens to be one of the most concerned health problems in the United States and what is even worse is that the age group that we are most worried about is the young children. Certain measures are not being taken to protect the health of our children. The diet and physical activity have taken a turn for the worst. Those are the two main factors to a healthy lifestyle and when they aren’t being enforced at a young age then kids most likely aren’tRead MoreThe Problem With Obesity And Obesity995 Words   |  4 Pagesyou really know what is inside the can? Everything we put in our body effects us. From vegetables to doughnuts, everything carries nutritional facts with it. Some are better than others. But one thing is for sure; the nation is in a crisis with obesity. Weight gain is on a rise and more and more of the population is getting bigger and bigger. This can be credited to the nutritional value in the foods we eat. The food we are putting into our bodies is poisoning our population, creating diseases,Read MoreObesity : The Problem Of Pediatric Obesity Essay2132 Words   |  9 Pagesmedically referred to as childhood obesity. In recent years, policy makers and medical professionals have expressed alarm about the burgeoning problem of pediatric obesity in the United States. Consequently, extensive clinical pathological research has continuously been conducted to give answers and amicable solutions to reducing cases of this syndrome. While most concur that the issue it is a serious health issue, consensus resolves around appropriate responses to the problem. This literature review delvesRead MoreThe Problem of Obesity3993 Words   |  16 PagesThe Problem of Obesity Western Governors University Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving James Reed The Problem of Obesity Obesity is a major problem in American. Year after year, new diets are published, and new medications are hailed as wonder drugs that will take weight off with little physical effort, yet the problem still exists unabated. In testimony before the US Congress, Berzins (2001) asserted that, â€Å"[weight] is a complex result of heredity, culture and lifestyle

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Four Different Types of Crime - 1515 Words

Course Conover: Dr Hennessey Hayes Tutor: Dr Jacqueline Homel Course Code: CCJ15 Course name: Introduction to Crime and Criminology Assessment number: 1 Due Date: 23.04.10 Extension confirmation number: 14177 Student name: Tamara Chatterton Student number: S2736240 This essay will examine four different types of crime. These include: Property, Violent, White-collar and Internet crimes. To examine these in detail this essay will define and explain each one. It will then describe how they are measured and how data id gathered for each of them. It will then go on to identify the typical offenders and victims of each individual crime and finish with a description of how much the occurrence of these crimes are costing the community. Defining†¦show more content†¦The type of internet crimes that are of concern are computer hacking and paedophilia. Hacking involves crimes like id theft, credit card fraud or â€Å"the unauthorised access and subsequent use of other people‟s computer systems.† (Taylor, 1999, p6 cited in Hennessey, 2008, 169). Accessing others computers to plant Virus and Trojans has largely become more common with the advancement in the internet. â€Å"In 1998 the FBI reported that computer intrusion incidents ha d increased 250% over a two year period (Lilley, 2002, p32 cited in Hennessey, 2009, p169) and subsequent studies reveal a continued upsurge in hacking. (Yar, 2006, cited in Hennessey, 2008, p169). Paedophilia is usually committed by males towards young children. â€Å"Research has focused especially on internet chat rooms where adults use online communication in order to „identify, deceive, coerce, and form relationships with and also to abuse potential victims.‟†(O‟connell, 2003, p3, cited in Hennessey, 2009, p172) (Hennessey, 2009, p172) One survey of 10-17 year old internet users found that 19% reported having been approached for sex online. (Stanley 2002, p7, cited in Hennessey, 2008, p172). There are a number of characteristics that are typical for offenders of crime and their victims. This essay will look at how age, gender, race and social class are linked to crime. Crime types and age are associated in thatShow MoreRelatedInfluence Of Prior On Subsequent Crime Location Choice1283 Words   |  6 Pagestitled Biting Once, Twice; The Influence of Prior on Subsequent Crime Location Choice. The authors of this article are Marre Lammers, Barbara Menting, Stijn Ruiter, and Wim Bernasco, Biting Once, Twice: The Influence of Prior on Subsequent Crime Location Choice was written in early 2015 to capture the information needed to prove where an offender committed his/her first crime has a major impact on where they will commit their second crime; this study has a goal to prove within a short time period oneRead MoreWedding Cake Model Essay650 Words   |  3 Pagesthe Wedding Cake The Four Layers Abstract This paper explores the four layers of the criminal justice system. It gives a brief over view of the different layers when referencing the Wedding Cake Model. The justice system can be quite complicated and this model can help understand the different levels of offense, what they represent and how they are handled in the justice system. However there are many diverse circumstances and conditions that are examined when a crime is committed. Each detailRead MoreResearch and Theories Essay1413 Words   |  6 Pageswould like to share my expertise to help you determine a solution to your new citywide crime prevention strategy. The four areas of research theories that I would like to review are deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic. The first thing I am going to do is give a generalization of the four types of theories that I have provided. The reason for this is so that there can be a basic understanding of each type. Deductive reasoning takes information that is general and gives it a specific instanceRead MoreA Brief Note On Crime And Crime Rates1487 Words   |  6 PagesCrime is one of the major issues that America has been facing for over one hundred years. Although crime has been steadily decreasing ever since the 1990’s there are still a lot of room for improvement. With this issue bring many subsequent problems, such as incarcerated people per capita. This doesn t only have an extreme burden on those incarcerated and their families, but also on the federal government. This costs them billions of dollars every year to control delinquent behavior but it stillRead MoreEssay on Different Types of Organized Crime in Canada991 Words   |  4 PagesDifferent Types of   Organized Crime in Canada   Organized crime in Canada has many faces. The people who engage in organized crime are as varied as the types of organized crimes they engage in. There are essentially four categories of organized crime in Canada. These four categories are: (A) Aboriginal organized crime groups, (B) Outlaw motorcycle gangs, (C) Traditional Italian Mafia crime groups, ethnic groups such as Asian Triads and Vietnamese gangs, (D) Colombian cartels and emerging crimeRead MoreContributing Factors to Juvenile Delinquency1620 Words   |  7 Pagesthe law by a minor which is any persons under the age of 18 in most states. There are many contributing factors to juvenile delinquency such as domestic issues or stress at school, and there are also four different theories, strain, social learning, control, and labeling, to explain the different prospective of why it is thought that juveniles commence in delinquent behavior. This particular discussion however, is going to be about the influence of gangs on juvenile delinquency. A general definitionRead MoreCourt Testimony Essay example666 Words   |  3 Pagesexamining a piece of hair from a suspect from a crime can help to find out who actually did commit the crime. There are some basic things that people should know about hair. A persons hair contains their DNA. Also there are several different parts of a persons piece of hair. Some different parts of hair are the root, cuticle, cortex, shaft, and medulla. I know you all are probably wondering what exactly are these different parts of the hair. Well the root is the partRead MoreCriminology and the Criminal Justice System Essay1113 Words   |  5 PagesSystem No matter where you live in the world the city or the country crime always happens from murder, rape, robbery, arson, assault, auto theft, and burglary. People try their hardest to try and find an area where they cannot deal with crime you can’t find a place. Either were you live crime goes up or down. Living in Minneapolis Minnesota I seen all types of crimes ranging from burglary to murder. Growing up I heard about crimes happening but I really didn’t understand any of it until I became oldRead MoreConflict Theory And Labeling Theory1480 Words   |  6 Pages Conflict theory and labeling theory are two similar theories in the world of crime. It has been debated whether or not there is a clear line separating the two theories. By evaluating the two theories, the differences between them can become more obvious and it becomes easier to separate the two. In addition to conflict theory and labeling theory, there is another type of theories that are used to explain crime. These theories focus more on a criminal s lifetime and how their criminal records haveRead MoreA Brief Note On The State Of Virginia Department Of The Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website1066 Words   |  5 PagesXiaofei Zhang Data The dataset is obtained from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The data contains the unemployment rate in scope of individuals years from 1995 to 2000. Information on reported crime rates was obtained from FBI website as well as from the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center of the state of Virginia. Measures of age distributions was retrieved from the county-level census files of State of Virginia. Descriptive

Red Badge of Courage - The Power of Fear Exposed Essay

Power of Fear Exposed in The Red Badge of Courage The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane, is a book based on a young soldier’s engagement in the Civil War. The psychological conflict that he faces throughout the story is both internal and external. The battles are fought in the reader’s face to show the young soldiers conflict with himself, other soldiers, and the battle itself. With Stephen Crane’s amazing power of description, the reader becomes engulfed in the battle at hand and feels that the conflicts of the soldiers are becoming his own. The main topic of the book is fear, and how it would affect a young man in a bloody war such as the Civil War. The war becomes the young soldiers worst nightmare, which gives him†¦show more content†¦He soon finds out, however, that they had won, and he begins to run faster from the thought of chickening out of the battle. This only adds to Henry’s internal emotional conflict with himself.nbsp; Henry finally returns to his regiment with a wound from a rock and explains that he was wounded while fighting for another regiment. As Henry is running into the woods away from the battle, we find out more about the character emotionally and what he is like inside. As Henry battles with himself emotionally and fears the battle that he is running from which is going on outside, he learns more about himself and begins the process of growing up. Henry encounters many things on his escape from reality that turn his travels even more trying. He encounters one of these things when he finds a dead body that had been there for quite sometime, now being grotesquely described by Crane. Young Henry also sees nature as he has never seen it before, which is from the perspective of a great fear that has overtaken his entire body. He ends up looking at nature with a newfound respect. At one point, he sees a squirrel that is busily running through the forest. Henry throws a pinecone at the small animal and, as it runs away, he begins to tell himself that his running away was just like that of the squirrels. He had sensed fear too great and ran from it. nbsp;In the forest, HenryShow MoreRelated1000 Word Essay85965 Words   |  344 PagesArmy Emergency Relief ............................ 37 Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program ........... 40 EO - Equal Opportunity ................................ 44 AFAP - Army Family Action Plan .......................... 48 ARC - Army Red Cross ................................. 50 Army Reenlistment / Retention Program ...................... 51 Army Safety Program .................................. 53 Army Sponsorship Program .............................. 55 QOLP - Army Quality of LifeRead MoreThe Significance Of Mao Zedong s Leadership Essay11407 Words   |  46 Pagesof rule by the Chinese imperial dynasties. The social and economic chaos then led to the formation of two political parties. The CCP, led by Mao Zedong and the GMD led by Chiang Kai Shek. Mao and his party defeated the GMD in 1949 bringing Mao into power. Mao’s main goal was to turn China into a pure communist country. Over the course of Mao’s leadership he did this by making significant social, economic and political changes to the Chinese way of life. However due to his poor leadership and the faultsRead Moretda 2.2 safeguarding the welfare of children and young people6393 Words   |  26 Pagesreaction, even if the auto-injection kit has been used. At the school they feel its good practice to be prepared for any children in the school who has food allergies. Sickle cell disease Sickle cell disorder (SCD) gets the name from the shape of the red blood cells that are in the child who has this disorder. These sickle cell disorders are associated with episodes of severe pain called sickle cell painful crises or ’aplastic crises’. It is important that the school is made aware if a child has thisRead MorePorsche Cayenne11733 Words   |  47 PagesrP os t 9-511-068 REV: MARCH 29, 2011 JOHN DEIGHTON JILL AVERY JEFFREY FEAR op yo Porsche: The Cayenne Launch In March 2003 the Porsche brand faced a challenge without precedent in 55 years. Since the e launch of the Porsche 356 in 1948, the brand had stood for expensive, high-performance sports cars. Its designs, varying little over the decades, formed and then came to reflect the notion of a classic n sports car. It was a connoisseur’s racing vehicle, engineered for speedRead More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 Pagesat a blank computer screen, you may be tempted to think that your experiences to date have been rather pedestrian. You are neither an Olympic gold medalist nor a Pulitzer Prize winner. We hope that the examples in this book will rescue you from this fear. Many of the essayscontain simple anecdotes with routine settings that demonstrate the applicants maturity, aware... ness, and potentiaL Use anecdotes from your life to offer an astute glimpse into your personality, sense of humor, values, thoughtfulRead MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 PagesPressure To Compete On Price There are enormous pressures on nearly all firms to engage in price competition. In all industries from computers to cars to frozen dinners to airlines to soft drinks, price competition is at center stage, driven by the power of strong retailers, value-sensitive customers, reduced category growth, and overcapacity (often caused by new entrants and by old competitors hanging on, sometimes via bankruptcy). Retailers have become stronger year by year, and they have used thatRead MoreHbr When Your Core Business Is Dying74686 Words   |  299 Pagesoff more than it can chew†¦Women at Fortune 1,000 companies are securing top jobs faster than men†¦Make your employees prove their ideas’ worth†¦Work with Chinese ï ¬ rms to build respect for IP†¦Alchemists turn bad feedback into gold†¦Don’t discount the power of the QA†¦Consumers are slow to notice changes in product quality, for better and for worse†¦How outside directors can reduce their legal risk. 33 124 BEST PRACTICE Human Due Diligence David Harding and Ted Rouse Most companies do a thoroughRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagespresage the arrival of Rastafarianism also witnessed and read about the dramatic struggle of Emperor Haile Selassie to remove the Italians from his homeland of Ethiopia, which became the ï ¬ rst African nation to effectively oust, by force, a colonial power. These were monumental times, and these men, fully steeped in the apocalyptic visions of the world, saw something important in all of these happenings. I grew up in Jamaica at a time when Rastas were still regarded as useless, lazy, half-insane,Read MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagestaught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Concordia University in Montreal, the University of Baltimore, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and San Diego State University. Dr. Robbins’s research interests have focused on conflict, power, and politics in organizations, behavioral decision making, and the development of effective interpersonal skills. His articles on these and other topics have appeared in such journals as Business Horizons, California Management Review, Business and

Business Law for Marlborough Court Hotel

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Lawfor Marlborough Court Hotel. Answer: The issue on the given case is whether Nick can be bound by the contractual term mentioned in the docket and whether the hotel can be held liable for the damage suffered by Nick. Under the common law of contract the general presumption is that when a ticket or a docket has been handed to any person and such a person retains that ticket, then such person is bound by the terms given in the ticket. Further it is immaterial as to whether the person has read the terms or did not notice the terms since the use of the ticket is similar to the signing of the document.[1] In the case of Parker v The South Eastern Railway Co[2], the Court held that if the recipient of the ticket or docket knew that there was any writing on the ticket and that there were terms in that ticket then the recipient would be bound by the contract. In case the recipient did not know about the terms in the docket the court would consider whether a reasonable man would have known that such terms existed in the ticket. If it is so, then the recipient would be responsible and if it is not so, the court will again look at the general test of reasonable notice given in the ticket. In the case of Olley v Marlborough Court Hotel [1949][3], the court had given a detailed analysis in cases relating to tickets or dockets. The Court held that in order to exempt any liability of the hotel authorities there are a few things that needs to be satisfied. Firstly, it needs to be verified whether the notice or term given is a part of the contract between the hotel authorities and the recipient. Hence in order to exempt from the liability under the common law the contract needs to be proved very strictly[4]. One more vital element that needs to be proved is the intention to create legal relations or the intention of the parties to be legally bound. One way to prove that there was an intention from both the parties to be legally bound by the terms of the contract is by handling the recipient a legal notice specifying the terms and making him clear that the terms are a part of the contract. In another case Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking Ltd [1970][5], the judge stated that when a ticket is issued and handed over to the recipient it acts an as offer by the company. When the recipient accepts the ticket he agrees to the terms mentioned in the ticket and hence after his acceptance it becomes a contract. While the ticket is handed the recipient has the opportunity to refuse or decline to accept the ticket or ask for money back. Relying on the Australian contract laws and the decisions in the above cases there are two things that need to be considered in the given case.[6] Firstly, the docket given to Nick was handed over to him and not generated through an auto generated machine. Hence when he was handed over the ticket and he accepted the ticket Secondly, Nick had previously visited and hotel and used the car parking services of the hotel. Hence it is quite likely that he would be well acquainted with the rules of car parking in the hotel. Keeping in mind these two conditions Nick will not able to claim for the damage suffered due to the loss of the car. As concluding remarks I would state that the hotel par parking service will be exempted from the liability to compensate for the loss suffered by Nick. References Carter, John W,Contract Law In Australia(Lexisnexis Orders/service, 2012) Ellinghaus, M. P,Australian Cases On Contract(Code Press, 2007) Gooley, John, Peter Radan and Ilija Vickovich,Principles Of Australian Contract Law(LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007) Olley v Marlborough Court Hotel(1949) 1 KB Parker v The South Eastern Railway Co(1877) 2 CPD Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking Ltd[1970] EWCA Civ